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AMSTERDAM, Holland is an excellent city break destination with a number of excellent museums, art galleries, bars, restaurants, saunas, shops and other interesting attractions. It is also quite easy to spend a week in Amsterdam and have plenty to make your stay in this city both eventful and interesting.

Latest Added: The Millionaire Show in the Rai Exhibition Centre and also a look at the city's luxury boutique options.

The city Amsterdam has something for everyone and you will notice that there is a real cross section of people in this cultural and diverse capital city. For those of you Amstel river in Amsterdaminterested in wellness there are a number of excellent saunas and spas; for the shopper a decent city center and weekend markets; for the museum fan several world class venues.

One of the unique and special thing about this city if the ease with which you can travel around. The city is very much aimed at the pedestrians cyclists and with a lot of Amsterdam being flat, it is much easier to get around in than some other world cities. If you enjoy cycling this place is a dream and if you like to go for a cruise on the water then you should also be happy.

On this site you will find everything from accommodation through to sports, events, news, areas guide and much more. Thank you for visiting Amsterdam Culture. Some of the finest hotels in Europe are found in Amsterdam. It is also quite easy to find a place to stay in Amsterdam and have plenty to make your stay in this city both eventful and interesting. There is plenty of information on this site including local exhibitions and events. Amsterdam by car: You can rent a car and make the most of your Amsterdam trip by also travelling to attractions in and around the city, although getting by bicycle is a very popular way to see Amsterdam.

Some highlights from this site include information about the key events in Amsterdam such as the annual Holland Festival and the Dance Valley Festival. Location wise - areas such as Centre Dam and Canal Ring are especially good areas in which to stay if yuou are a tourist.

Something you want to see on this site that we have missed? Feel free to contact us at Amsterdam Culture. For information on the best city museums you can read our thoughts on the likes of the Anne Frank museum.

Travelling around Europe - If you are touring around the European mainland, make sure also to visit and for some great information on travel, accommodation and events in these exciting cities. Done.

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My Favourite: The The Heineken Experience - tasting local culture!

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