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Amsterdam vacation rental apartments

Holiday apartments & Vacation rentals

The choices these days in major capital cities in Europe for the holiday apartments and vacation rental option are increasing and wide. With more apartment owners aware of the income to be gained from allowing their apartments to be used for short-term rentals, this holiday and vacation accommodation option is very viable.

Vacation rental Costs

One of the key benefits of this holiday accommodation type is that as a group of friends, as a family or other type of group, the price per person can work out quite cheap - Vacation rentals acommodationparticularly balanced against hotel costs. It will depend on the area and on the apartment itself but expect to pay anything from Euros 20 per person and up.

Best areas for vacation rentals in Amsterdam

Anywhere central tends to be fine for hotels and for vacation rentals in Amsterdam. An areas such as Amstel, Canal Ring, Jordaan and the Museum Quarter are amongst the places certainly worth considering.

Vacation apartment considerations

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