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The Heineken Experience in Amsterdam

Heineken Tour

Beer lovers will enjoy the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam, which includes a tour of the old Heineken beer factory, an explanation of how beer is made and a beer tasting. Tickets to the Heineken Experience cost under 20 Euros per person and the experience Cheap flights to Amsterdambegins with a trip to the Amsterdam Brouwerijen.

Visitors are treated to a media presentation which highlights the history of Heineken beer in the region and which helps visitors to understand how Heineken beer became world famous.

The second step of the tour involves a visit to the Heineken museum, which features a recreated street from old Amsterdam as it was in 19th century when the beer was first brewed by Gerard Adriaan Heineken in 1864. This is then followed by a leg of the tour which takes you to a brewery quite similar to the one first bought by Gerard Heineken. At this point, you will are guided through a sort of show and tell explanation of the entire process of brewing beer, from start to finish.

Visitors can also go on two virtual rides here, one of which features a trip on a horse cart loaded with beer barrels through the streets of Amsterdam. The second ride will take you on a simulation journey where you will feel like a beer bottle. The trip ends with a beer tasting.

Official Website: Heineken Tours.

Days Open: Open every day except for Xmas day, boxing day, New Years day and 30th April.

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