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Cannabis Cup Amsterdam guide and events

The Cannabis Cup, Amsterdam

is a unique annual event held in Amsterdam that usually takes place in the later half of November during Thanksgiving week. The event is organized by High Times Magazine and sees Cannabis planters, businessmen and smokers flock to the city to decide the best marijuana strain in the world.

Cannabis growers and seed manufacturers bring their very best marijuana wares, which will be judged by the public and a team of special judges. There are a number of categories in the Cannabis Cup that growers can win. These include best glass, best Cannabis Cupbooth, best nederhash, best hash, best new product, as well as the overall winner for the Cannabis Cup.

The Cannabis Cup is usually held at a club called PowerZone, which is located in the south eastern part of Amsterdam. Events at the Cannabis Cup include concerts, conferences, and a cannabis industry expo; seminars and workshops are also held. There is also an annual ceremony where famous celebrities are inducted into the counterculture hall of fame.

To participate in the event, tourists can purchase a judge’s pass at the High Times website or at ticket booths during the event. The Cannabis Cup’s judge’s pass entitles individuals to participate in judging the marijuana wares competing in the Cannabis Cup. Participants can purchase marijuana at various coffee shops and booths participating in the event. Tourists interested in being a part of the Cannabis Cup are advised to enter the city at least a week prior to the start of the event; it is also advisable to procure your tickets prior to entering the city as the queues to the events ticket booths can be long.

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