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The annual 'Holland Festival'

Guide to the Annual ‘Holland Festival'

The Holland Festival was first held in the year 1975. It started out as a fundraiser event called “Holland’s Glory,” that worked to raise money for the senior citizens of the Dutch community. After Holland’s Glory proved to be a success, the Associated Netherlands Society decided to make it a yearly event. The 1976 Holland Festival was held at the Greaves Reserve and the event included international artists, musicians and dancers in Fela at the Holland Festivalan effort to draw in a larger base of contributors.

Today, the Holland Festival is the biggest event in the Netherlands for performing arts. The show takes place in the month of June and events include dance routines, music exhibitions and multimedia and visual art shows. The Holland Festival also showcases concerts, dance performances and films and has become an established platform for artists from all over the world.

The Holland Festival events are usually held in large venues located throughout the city of Amsterdam. Notable festival venues include the Opera House, the Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ, the city theatre and Concertgebouw. The Westergas factory is also a popular venue the performances and exhibits. The Holland Festival program includes several events that cover a wide range of artistic genres.

During the month of June, the city is thronged by visitors from all over Europe, and although Amsterdam boasts over 400 hotels and hostels, these accommodations can be fully booked by the time the festival begins. Visitors who are interested in being a part of the Holland Festival should schedule a trip to Amsterdam in early June. It is also recommended that you book a hotel a few weeks in advance of your trip. Visitors can also acquire their train and bus passes early to avoid the long queues in the ticket booths.

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Time of year: www.hollandfestival.June of each year.

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