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International Fashion Week - Amsterdam, Holland

Amsterdam International Fashion Week

Amsterdam International Fashion Week is one of the most important weeks in Amsterdam’s events calendar. This fashion week takes place twice a year to mark the start of the different fashion seasons, taking place in January and in July (both scheduled towards the end of their respective months).

Unlike the Paris and the Milan Fashion Weeks, Amsterdam Fashion week is a much younger show and only started in 2004. In under a decade however, it has grown to be one of the most respected Fashion weekevents in the fashion world and the entire city of Amsterdam celebrates the AIFW in grand style featuring a series of events taking place here along with the traditional fashion shows.

During the week, the organisers arrange a number of cto ensure that visitors have a comprehensive understanding of the entire fashion industry. The whole week is filled with exciting parties as well. These extra events that are held in addition to the fashion show are known as Laundry Days.

The designers who are featured at the Amsterdam International Fashion Week are mainly from Belgium and the Netherlands; however there are a fairly good number of designers featured from other countries as well. The event is well attended by leading fashion icons from across the globe.

Dates: January and July.


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