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Liteside Festival in Amsterdam

Liteside Festival

If you are planning a trip to Amsterdam this summer, making the dates coincide with those of the Liteside Festival will make your holiday even more enjoyable. This festival is a three day affair which takes place in the middle of August and includes a myriad of various festivities. The festival takes place at the Westergasfabriek and focuses on the intermingling of Eastern and Western cultures. The festival is essentially a celebration of a variety of artists, asylum seekers, migrants and citizens. These people have played a great role in uniting the cultures of the East and the West and they must truly be Liteside Festival in Hollandcelebrated.

Each year at the Liteside Festival, there is a line-up of various events, performances, exhibitions, seminars and more, which help visitors better understand the various cultures that are present in this truly cosmopolitan city.

The intermingling of Eastern and Western cultures is a concept that has not received much media attention, but the Liteside Festival is attempting to change that. Despite popular opinion, there are a number of similarities between these two cultures, which is showcased in a stunning fashion during the Liteside Festival. This festival has a number of musical performances, dance and theatrical performances, artwork exhibitions, film screenings and readings.

All across the Westergasfabreik you will be able to see a variety of exhibitions and art installations, which adds much charm to the festival. The art showcased here ranges from traditional artwork to some extraordinary pieces of modern art.

For the younger audience, there are a number of Club nights and parties that take place through the night. These parties feature a variety of different music styles from hip-hop to punk and even bhangra and some gypsy music. There is also a focus on literature, with a number of poetry readings and discourses provided by renowned writers.

Official Event Website: Liteside Festival in Holland.

Time of year: August annually

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