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Amsterdam Guides

Amsterdam is a city full of things to see, place to visit and attractions to experience. Below a look at the various options for tourists to the Dutch capital.

Amsterdam Museums

There are a number of world class museums in this city including the Van Gogh, Rijksmuseum and the NEMO museums. More about the main about museums in Amsterdam.


Just like most European capital cities, the Dutch capital has plenty of things to see in terms of attractions. The Amstel museum, the Botanic Gardens and the local markets. More about Attractions in Amsterdam.

Best saunas in HollandDutch Sauna

Sauna culture is a common aspect of the local way of living, similar to in countries such as Germany, Finland and Sweden. More about saunas in Amsterdam.

Day Trips and Tours

There are plenty of places to see outside of the capital. More about Amsterdam day trips. Also make sure to read about the importance of being insured when travelling to Holland.


With the world class international exhibition venues, there are a number of exhibitions held annually in the city. Learn about Amsterdam exhibitions.


Learn about the annual events which include the dance Valley festival and the Holland Festival.

Travel Culture Worldwide - More ideas

if you are a fan of travel and world etiquette, you might also love Cuban culture, the sunshine state and Miami (see, Florida, or the more tropical city and culture of Bangkok, Thailand. Other places I love to visit (as much for the food as anything) is New York, and across to the U.S. for Vegas and the shows and entertainment.

Best English Schools

There are some excellent English schools in Amsterdam for expats looking to educate their children in the Dutch capital. We look at three of the best.

Information also on other local resources.

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