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Football in Amsterdam, Holland - Ajax

A Guide to football in Amsterdam - Ajax,

Football is probably, without question, one of the most popular sports in Europe and this also holds true for the city of Amsterdam. Sports enthusiasts will enjoy a trip to Amsterdam during the football season.

Football is a sport that is very much a part of Amsterdam and there are many football clubs in the city. Some of them are relatively small while other clubs are major players in the world of football. The most popular football club in Amsterdam is the Ajax Football Club which is involved in the Ajax Youth Training Program, considered one of the best Ajax and footballyouth training programs in the world. This program is something that any young football fan or aspiring football player should not fail to take advantage of when visiting the city.

Travellers who want to catch some serious football action can go to the ArenA Stadium. The ArenA is located in Zuid-Oost, Amsterdam. This is an ultra modern football stadium with a retractable roof and can seat a total of 51,300 people. This is one of the best football stadiums in Europe and is undoubtedly the best that the Netherlands has to offer. Watching a football match in this stadium is truly an experience that is not to be missed.

For a little bit of football history, tourists can visits the old De Meer Stadium, a historic site where many championship games where once held. There are also a number of museums around the city that document the history of football in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is also known for its female football clubs and some of the best female footballers in the world train in Amsterdam.

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