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Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, Holland

Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, Holland

Schiphol Airport or Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (Airport Code AMS) is the biggest airport in thr Netherlands and is located in the municipality of Haarlemmermeer. This municipality is southwest of Amsterdam and a trip by road will take visitors 20 minutes more or less to reach there.

The airport is also known by the name Luchtaven Schiphol but the English name Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is more commonly used. This is also considered as the 3rd largest airport in Europe and the 14th largest airport in the world. The amount of passengers and cargo passing through this airport makes it one of the most important airports in Europe.

Schiphol is structured in a one building layout scheme that is divided into 3 areas. There are 5 main runways and numerous smaller runways for smaller aircraft. The home base of Schiphol airport flightsthe Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM) is located here and this airport is also one of the main hubs for Northwest Airlines in Europe.

The airport also has large shopping areas scattered throughout the main building and there are many establishments for dining and recreation in the vicinity as well. Also, there are several banks and automatic teller machines well situated in the areas around the shopping districts along with a post office for the convenient mailing of documents and packages around the world.

There is also a viewing deck on the top floor where guests and look at the planes landing and taking off. The airport also has a number of medical clinics to cater promptly to anyone in need of medical assistance. Travellers and people looking for Amsterdam breaks can even get married in an in-house wedding chapel at the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Postal address: Luchthaven Schiphol, Postbus 7501, 1118 ZG Schiphol, Holland.

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