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Local trains in Amsterdam, Holland

Amsterdam, Holland local trains

Travelling by train is one of the best ways to see Holland and to appreciate the Dutch countryside. Add onto this the fact that the train system is clean and quite affordable, this is a very practical way to travel from other mainland European locations.

Train travel through the country is both easy and convenient. The train systems in Holland are connected to the rest of Europe’s high-speed train networks and it is very easy to get to and from Holland from cities including with trains to Barcelona, London, Brussels, Paris, Rome and by train to train to Berlin.

The trains that go through Holland are both fast and modern. They are also very comfortable and can cater to most travellers’ needs; also, the rates are affordable.

Trains to AmsterdamThe country boasts of a dense network are rails that connect all the major cities and towns throughout the country and there are many trains that arrive and leave every hour. Another great thing about train travel in Holland is that the train stations are located at the centre of each town and city.

The fast trains and well thought of rail systems make for quick and easy travel between destinations. A trip from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, for example will take just about 30 minutes; also a train leaves from the station every 15 minutes. From Amsterdam, travellers can get to Utrecht in less than 15 minutes and a trip from Amsterdam to The Hague will only take 45 minutes at most.

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Rail is a great way to travel mainland Europe and is an affordable option.

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