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Amsterdam local transport (Tram, boat, trains and buses)

Amsterdam local transport - tram, boat, trains and buses

Although most places in Amsterdam’s city centre are within a comfortable walking distance, the city has an excellent transport network, with a variety of transport options available for travellers.

The different ways to move around Amsterdam include:

Visitors will find the highly developed tram system in Amsterdam very convenient, particularly for sightseeing. Most of the trams move near the Central Station and are handy stops for many tourist attractions. The metro is utilized primarily to reach the suburban areas of Amsterdam, and is a good way to get to the Amstel station. The metro Tram system in Amsterdamsystem includes what is called the Sneltram, an express tram which operates on a particular line.

You can also move around Amsterdam by canal boat, a fascinating experience for those from cities less rich in water resources. Should you need to cross the IJ and would like an economical alternative to a canal cruise boat it is recommended that you catch a ferry from near the Central Station. The ferries depart every ten minutes from here.

Train stations are to be found at many locations, both within the city and in the suburbs. Visitors can use a ticket valid for the whole day, known as a strippenkaart. Some suburbs are hard to access by the tramlines or metro, and in these cases you can catch a bus.

Gemeentevervoerbedrijf Amsterdam or GVB, the primary public transport provider in the city is responsible for the operation of buses, the metro and the trams. It forms a network of sixteen tram lines, thirty bus routes, four metro lines and five ferry links across Amsterdam giving travellers plenty of options to choose from.

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